Camunda Upgrade 7.19 or 8

Hi All,

We are currently using Camunda 7.16 and are in process of upgrading it.
Could you please advise if we should upgrade it to 7.19 or plan it to upgrade it to 8?
Also, please share if there are any detailed documentations available for Camunda 7 vs Camunda 8 architecture.

Any help would be really appreciated

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there is excellent documentation about this topic at:


I think, reading the articles is a good start. You’ll likely have more specific questions afterwards.

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thanks @cmalouf

Hi @cmalouf ,

We use Camunda primarily as decision rules engine. We design and develop DMNs and these rules get called from different applications.
The BPMN part of Camunda is hardly used.

Do you think migrating to 8 is feasible or can we continue with version 7 itself?
Could you please also advise the end of life support for version 7?


The DMN engine for both Camunda 7 and Camunda 8 is more or less the same.
The only trouble you might have is if you’ve added a bunch of scripts to your DMN table. Camunda 8 will only support FEEL expressions.

Thanks @Niall.

As per the documentation [here]( the support for 7 is for the next 5 years. Could you please advise if this is valid for 7.16 version as well?

Hi @abhilash ,

Here you can find the support announcements:

According to that list, 7.16 left maintenance recently. I think this is more important to users of the community editions. If you have enterprise level support, then Camunda may provide you with patch-releases.

As far as i know, you can use the DMN Engine also without the BPMN-engine, see DMN Engine |

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