Camunda use case

Please reply to below mentioned queries.

Recommended model for multi tenancy?
Software upgradation process ?
Where are they hosted the cluster in SAAS based installation? AWS, Azure or any other?
Task progress bar at task level ?

Hi @Ashis_Mohanty

Q: Recommended model for multi tenancy?
A: Atm, multiple clusters

Q: Software upgradation process?
A: Single-click upgrade within major versions.

Q: Where are they hosted?
A: Google Cloud Platform

Q: Task bar progress at task level?
A: Only if you implement it.- otherwise, you can see where a process is at in Operate, which is the C8 equivalent of Cockpit.


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What is Atm for multitenancy ? Please elaborate on this.
Also which queue/topic camunda uses for microservice orchestration ?

Atm == At the moment

Are you filling out a comparison table for an evaluation?

The second question is not answerable, meaningfully. Camunda Platform 8 can integrate with any queue. It has no queue built-in. So which queue does it use for microservice orchestration? It depends.

Depends on what? On the architecture you design.

I’ve seen people use AWS SQS, and Apache Kafka is popular.