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I have to develop the application for my client, where I would like to opt for the Camunda V7 for the microservice orchestration. Coming to my concern… is there any possibility that Camunda V7 that is as of now is opensource will be decommissioned and we have to move to the enterprise edition. Will Camunda V7 remain opensource forever?

There will always be a version of Camunda 7 available as open source in perpetuity. But eventually Camunda will completely stop supporting it. Even when this happens Camunda 7 will still be available to use, we don’t plan on closing the repository or making it proprietary

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ok , @Niall

Can u pls, brief what will be adverse effect of the completely stop supporting Camunda V7.

At some point there will be no more updates to the code base.
The biggest effect would be a lack of security updates.

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@Niall so, we have to be continued with the existing features of the Camunda 7 till that moment.
if we are using it for our MS orchestration and suppose we have new released versions of our java and spring boots in future. Will they be compatible with Camunda 7.
Is there any chance that other version compatibility or other issues may occur?

Absolutely. From the moment we stop officially supporting Camunda 7 new frameworks, databases and java versions may not work with it.

If this is a concern then moving to Camunda 8 is your best option.

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@Niall , Thanks a lot
At last, I would like to ask, any guesses how long there will be support.

Hello @Buddhi_Sagar_Tiwari !

On the link below you can check and resolve your doubts:

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Thanks a lot, @WilliamR.Alves !

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