Camunda version upgrade from 7.15 to 7.20

I have a embedded engine spring boot application version 7.15 mysql db,

like to know if we just update maven dependencies to 7.20, will it work? will there be any impact on existing running process instance.


Hi @gowtham_m,

you can find all required changes beyond the maven upgrade here: Update to the next Minor Version |

Hope this helps, Ingo

I’ve just migrated from 7.19 to 7.20 and all the issues in my app were related to Spring Boot migration. Camunda itself was straighforward.

Cf: Spring Boot Version Compatibility |


hi @lugon , without running any db scripts it worked?

hi @Ingo_Richtsmeier ,

so is it like i need to incrementally update database with patch scripts version from 7.15 to 7.16 then to 7.17 so on to 7.20?


of course not. You need that the DB is up-to-date using all the intermediate steps. But I never had troubles with the provided scripts.

thanks for your input