Camunda webapps with Okta

Hello all! :wave:

I have been searching and gathering info about how to integrate Camunda’s webapps (cockpit, tasklist, admin,…) with Okta, but to no success. I have read the following posts from the forum:

For this goal, I have created a PoC, which is a very simple Spring Boot web app, and which includes Camunda’s web apps. I have made the necessary configuration according this document in Okta:

When I click the application from Okta, it redirects me to the login screen, but it doesn’t log me successfully. The goal is to skip the login page and authenticate and authorize all through Okta.

I saw that there is an official Camunda plugin for Keycloak integration

but there is none for Okta.

Can someone, who have successfully integrated Camunda web apps with Okta, please share the necessary steps to do that? What else, should done manaully/custom?

Thanks for the taken time!