Camunda: What is main difference between bom and cmnn?

more ckearky i want to know:
1.if i can implement my service task , java dekegate expression and etc. tech works which i have written in java
2.what are main adavatages of cmnn? it developer friendly or is it created for business managers?

Hi @Sally,

Your questions are very hard to understand and therefore even harder to answer. Please try to give as much context as necessary and also consider using a spellchecker before asking.

You can download a whitepaper on CMMN and its usage here:
I believe that it answers some of your questions.


hi @thorben you are right about my question content, here is one more thing i am interested in:

*In what cases is it more convenient to use cmnn insteda of bpmn?

by the way can you link any useful article about this subject?

There is no clear answer to when use CMMN over BPMN. When you start modelling in BPMN, you may find that the concern is easier to express with CMMN and vice versa.

As a rule of thumb, CMMN can be interesting when

  • you have a lot of user interaction
  • the exact order activities is dynamic and therefore not known when you create the model
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@thorben thank you for your reply