Camunda with high availability MSSQL always on cluster

Can Camunda work with a high availability MSSQL always on cluster.
Can it cope with the automatic switching to another database if the instance fails.
We use 7.15 engine running in multiple containers connected to this database.

Most probably you already read it so leave it here for the records.

Database Clustering and Replication
Clustered or replicated databases are supported while the communication between Camunda BPM and the database cluster matches the corresponding non-clustered / nonreplicated configuration and the cluster configuration guarantees the behavior of READ-COMMITTED isolation level.

You can try to test out cockroach. It is supported with camunda 7.15

Here is my try:

Unfortunately, I ended up this project. There is one big problem with all cluster databases. They work only in database mode: Repeatable read or Serializable. But camunda uses read commited, for parallel process processing.

As a result number of optimistic lock issues increased 10+ times

As a result cluster database works in 10+ times slower than postgres.

I personally use camunda with offline replication, because online replication sometimes lose connection, that affect both databases. But in fact camunda is very stable, so for me better to have copy of db and project and redirect trafic to replica db with replica software, if something happens