Camunda with spring boot adds ~300 mb onto

this is a lot. my app is using less than 200 without it… with spring boot and tomcat

could you please be more precise? Adding 300mb “Onto” what? What uses 200mb “less”?

:slight_smile: sorry I got a visitor and got interrupted.

so my springboot-app with the basic starter, rest, jdbc, some components is < 200mb after launch.
now JUST by adding camunda start (no webapp, no rest) in maven it jumps by ~ 300mb onto 500. I even removed all my code to verify the results. With an additional process and some interaction between my code and the engine it jumps more… thats understandable but that 300 mb jump without using the engine, thats a lot! :wink:

btw I use a file-based h2 database:

driver-class-name: org.h2.Driver
url: jdbc:h2:${HOME}/chatbot/db;
username: sa
initialize: true

could it be my camunda config?

delete-upon-undeploy: false
scan-for-process-definitions: false
deploy-changed-only: true
resume-previous-versions: true
resume-previous-by: a value
enabled: true
enabled: false
db-reporter-activate: false
name: X
password: Y

oh and I am at 1.3.0 of the starter - the latest in the maven repo

OR could it be the OSX Activity Monitor given me wrong numbers?
but azure did the same… it even ‘suspended’ my java app.

In jconsole the number committed memory matches with OSX & azure