Camunda8 soap connector error:extension mapping, ipMapping, input error- expected expression but not found

Hi Team,
I am implementing soap connector in camunda8. I am downloaded the soap-outbound-connector.json and soap-outbound-connector-hybrid.json, I think I can use any of these two. from connectors/connectors/soap/element-templates/soap-outbound-connector.json at 2866c41afbac4846315400a616e10bcd4a96941a · camunda/connectors · GitHub.
Question: there are two option in soap body 1. Template and 2. XML compatible json. I just end the soap xml that I test in soap UI but I get error mentioned in title of question.also in my soap request there are totoal 6 name space. I got one example from connectors/connectors/soap/src/test/resources/error-testing.bpmn at 2866c41afbac4846315400a616e10bcd4a96941a · camunda/connectors · GitHub
in this example namename is passed as {“typ”: “httpt://my.service*”} if I have to pass 6 name space how shall I pass, inside typ all will be comma seperated or seperate typ for all. also can I pass my soap xml in body or I must convert it to XML comptible json.

I am using xml compatible json and getting this error: I/O error: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

please help thansk

This indicates issues with your SSL configuration.
Are you using self-signed certificates on the SOAP Server Side?

I did not add certificate, so I will add the certificate and test again. thanks a bunch for help.

As far as I know, SOAP does not require https:// so a certificate would not be 100% necessary. However, your call somehow thinks that you are looking for a https:// link.

You probably need to do a lot of deep digging to figure out what’s up.

let me try more, thank you