CamundaCon & Community Unconference

Hi Community Folk,

Only one week away i wanted to remind everyone about CamundaCon 2020.2 the agenda has been up for a little while now but i wanted to give everyone a little overview of what to expect.



We’ve got 3 Tracks.

  • Business Architecture Track
    • Where company leaders will explain what impact Camunda has had on their architectures and business.
  • Community Tech Track
    • Listen to developers and architectures from the community explain what kinds of specific problems Camunda has helped them Solve
  • Camunda Platform Demo Track
    • If you’re new to Camunda and want to see it in action or you’d like to see parts of the stack you’ve never had access to you can see those being show live by Camunda consultants.

Camunda Community Unconference

This year we’re also running the Camunda Community Unconference! To register to go through the CamundaCon registration process and indicate that you’re interested in attending the Unconference by ticking the box. Keep an eye on your mails, you’ll need to confirm your registration in order to attend.

This is something I’m especially excited about - this is a conference where all topics have been been suggested by and voted on by the Camunda community! The Agenda will go up in the next day or so.

So for a few hours on Wednesday the 7th of October a whole bunch of Camunda folk will meet at an event focusing on discussion and idea sharing.

There still time to sign up! So hopefully we’ll see you all there.


This is happening tomorrow!
I’m very excited about it - If you’re going to attend don’t forget to say hi! I love chatting with forum folk.

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