Can Camunda be integrated with SAP

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Can Camunda be integrated with SAP?

Hi Absolutely!

The way I have done it in the past is your SAP system needs to expose either SOAP or REST APIs. Note that out of the box, SAP already exposes a number of APIs.

Hence in your Camunda service tasks, you can easily configure the connectors to integrate to the SAP APIs.



My company is running SAP ECC 6.0 and BW and using OpenText for document archiving.

Also we implemented Camunda for general affairs functions and Finance budget, invoice and investment request approval with SAP integration.
It wasn’t easy as Camunda Rest API isn’t enough to run in SAP ABAP.

Here is SAP unified inbox for 3rd party BPM.

We couldn’t implement all methods due to time and some limitations of current camunda rest api.

For simpler implementation, you can develop SAP RFC functions that is calling camunda web services.
So, you can start process, execute task and run queries. We made SAP ABAP programs for this.

And you can call SAP BAPI or RFC by exposing web services; SICF, oDATA. We did use oDATA and camunda custom forms consume oDATA service.

Hopr this help you

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