Can I add expression/formula in output row

Hello, Camunda community,

I am new to this platform, and this is my first experience with a DMN modeler.

I have a requirement i.e, I would like to use the input column for the output column by incrementing their value by 1-day as it is shown in the figure below.

I want to keep the table dynamic. Is that possible?

Hello guys,

I figured it out how to enter FEEL expression to increment/decrement the date by seeing Camunda git.

However, I couldn’t find what was wrong with the syntax. I tried almost all possible combinations such as activityStartDate - duration("P2D"), activityStartDate - ("P2D"), and activityStartDate -P2D etc..
[operations with numbers are working fine, only issue with date]

Because, if you see the below output from BPMN, inspectionEndDate was supposed to be two days lesser than activityStartDate. But it is null. On the other hand inspectionStartDate is working fine.
Please somebody help me to solve this date manipulation!!

PFA for dmn table
curinginspections (1).dmn (12.7 KB)


I figured out the syntax :slight_smile: