Can I delete the data in the act_hi_detail table

I want to keep the data in the act_hi_varinst table and only clear the data in the act_hi_detail table. What should I do? Is it okay to use SQL to delete all data in the act_hi_detail table?

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The tables that contain the _ hi _ prefix are history tables, used for queries regarding the history of the instances that were executed.

There is a process used precisely to keep the history tables clean, called “history cleanup”, and “history level”, I suggest you research the documentation on this subject and the existing history levels (FULL, AUDIT, ACTIVITY, NONE).

I personally don’t like running cleanups directly through the database, so I don’t recommend this…

but there are APIs that perform the scheduling of this cleaning…
take a look on the link below my friend:

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William Robert Alves

I need to retain historical data (act_hi_procinst, act_hi_taskinst, act_hi_varinst……), but I don’t want the act_hi_detail table. I haven’t found an API that provides this.

I believe you will not have any problems deleting the data from act_hi_detail as there are no foreign key relationships in the history tables.

But I suggest checking and testing in a local environment to make sure this won’t affect any other components that you might need.

William Robert Alves

Thank you very much for your help. I will try it out