Can I get a support by the Team of Camunda Developers for my project?

Hi to everyone.
I would like to ask here if I can get a support by the Team of Camunda Developers for my university project.
Unfortunately, I have been facing many problems during my project development which will be soon evaluated by my university as I am an entirely new user of Camunda BPM and I am not a software developer. My major issues concern the code snippets in my Eclipse html editors as I can not create exactly the desired embedded user task forms in Tasklist.


If you ask specific questions on the forum and a Community member of Camunda developer reads it, they’ll likely help you out.

Hi also here @Niall.

Yes, you are right but sometimes it happens to exist more than one specific questions or problems and this is the reason why I try to include all of them in one topic.
I suppose that it is a better practice to post the questions in different topics each time (not all of them in one). But the main problem in my case is the time as I am in a hurry with my project and that is why I asked for support here.

My greetings,

It’s preferable to have a different topic for each question so that if other people have a similar problem they’ll be able to find the answer easily.

Please understand that this forum is a free offering and we are not able to provide any further support on top of it free of charge.


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Ok @Niall, I will keep it in my mind, thank you! :wink:

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Hi @thorben.
Of course, I respect this aspect and also the effort of people who are involved and answer with their willingness here. I hope to be able to do so in the near future because I have been doing my first steps in BPM and Camunda.
With regard to my asking here for support, I would mean that I am willing to pay of course if it is needed because I want to support an academic process very soon and I know that no one is obliged to help me towards this direction.


Sure, no worries :). See for our commercial offerings.

Hi @thorben.
I just sent again my message request there (via the contact form).
I haven’t get a response until now although I have sent 2 times the same request. :neutral_face:
If you could make a slight hint for that, I would really appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face:
I am also willing to visit the head offices in Berlin (although I live in Athens) if necessary for my project.


Hi there,

After many efforts of asking in the forum and Camunda partners, I realised that I need a direct support from Camunda team in order to finish my project.
Unfortunately, the partners don’t deal with academic projects.
Please let me know if there is a possibility to visit Camunda’s head offices in Germany (or by some other way) in order to be helped.

Thank you in advance,

A good first step would be to look into attending an open training

Hi @Nial.

Thanks for your suggestion here.
I’m going to take a deep look on this courses catalogue and I will let you know if I’m interested in something :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you,