Can I group two tasks in 1?

Hi Community,

Do you know if I can group tasks ? I have a Receive message task + Service task , can I group those two boxes in a single one? I’m trying to build a behaviour where I need to receive the message and process something after it, but I wouldn’t like to add an extra task in my BPMN.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @devBunny,

yes you can, the simpliest way ist to put your tasks into an Embedded Subprocess and they will just look like a single step after collapsing.

If you want to know more about how to embedd Processes, there are more ways to do this than the one I mentioned.

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Thank you @cnfg , I’m using Camunda Modeler in mac and I don’t see an option to add the tasks inside the subtask, Do I need to do that manually using xml ? Also Can I collapse/hide elements when analysing the process in cockpit ?

You can’t add task with in task, maybe you can chain the subprocess with task and the subprocess can have tasks

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