Can I import/export process diagram files from/to other BPMN tools?

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I would like to ask here please if I can generally import/export (respectively) process diagram files from/to other BPMN tools.

For example, I’ve modelled the same process both in Camunda Modeler and another similar tool (Signavio Process Manager) and I want to know if I can import/export process diagram file.

Does anyone know please ?

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A lot of vendors including signavio i think make it so that they export correct BPMN in order to ensure that models can be opened in other tools. Camunda does the same.
there shouldn’t be a problem with just exporting the bpmn file from one tool and simply opening it in another.

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Hi @Niall and thanks for your feedback.

Ok, very good that it is supported from BPMN vendors :slightly_smiling_face:

I had a try a bit earlier to import and open the 2 bpmn files of my process (from Camunda Modeler to Signavio) and indeed it’s ok :wink:

But could you please tell me how can I do the opposite (from Signavio to Camunda Modeler) ?
I ask this because Signavio exports all bpmn diagrams to a single archive file of its format (SGX). How could this be read by Camunda Modeler ?

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Not sure - you’ll need to find out how to get Signavio to export to a universal format instead of it’s own propitiatory one.
More of a question for those who know Signavio better.

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Ok @Niall :slightly_smiling_face:

So, from your last reply here, I suppose that an exported bpmn file must have the .bpmn extension so as to be imported (and opened) from Camunda Modeler, am I right ?

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exactly. That should work.

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