Can I increase or decrease the NumberOfInstances in Multie Instance Activity?

As part of my understanding of MultiInstanceActvity - I understand how I can complete the activity as such. I have scenario that AFTER a MultiInstance is instantiated - we have a use case where we can ADD or DELETE the number of instances :slight_smile:
The current multiInstance activity tracks the total number of students studentsList. We can update the UI thats tied to this workflow to ADD more students - what we want is if this happens - then studentsList can increase in size and we want the MultiIntanceActivity total count to increase based on this. Currently - when I complete a task with studentsList size > the one it was initialized with - it doesnt take into account the newer entries. So if It was created with 2 but we want to increase it to 3 - I want to be able to move forward by honoring 3 students. Right now its only honoring 2.
How can I achieve this?

you can set completion condition in multi instance task as follows,

where x is a variable holding number of the students for example. so completion condition depends on the value of x.

nrOfCompletedInstances Value can be changed dynamically? On the fly?

Ideally it is expected to increase in this case then.

sorry I get it now, I think there is no way to update the collection list of multi instance task dynamically after the task created.

the following link is about the same issue :

Can I CANCEL the current Activity and Re-Initialize it when Iā€™m at that step in the workflow?
I came across this thread in StackOverflow but there was no corroboration on if the suggested solution would even work and it has no upvotes.

Thanks. Got it now.