Can I specify a specific version of the DMN decision table to use in a Business Rule Task?

Rishi Kumar: Hi guys,
How can we mention the DMN specific version in our BPMN workflows in Camunda Modeler as DMN versioning is supported by Camunda 8?

Josh Wulf: Hi <@U03RKTMG796>, it’s currently not possible to do this. I checked with the Zeebe team, and there isn’t an issue yet for this.

It will need to be implemented in the engine (Zeebe) as well as the modeler.

Rishi Kumar: ohh… I see… means using the DMN is not a safe approach for long running process as it will always pick latest version in that case and any DMN changes may impact already running instances states :upside_down_face: Thank you so much for confirming <@UT1BZ1GAG>

Josh Wulf: I’m opening issues for it to be implemented.

I’ll post the links in here.

Josh Wulf: OK, here is the issue for Zeebe:

Josh Wulf: And the issue for the modeler:

Josh Wulf: You may want to join the issue or comment on it to be notified of updates. The engineers may ask for more details of your use case.

Josh Wulf: I’ll also send this thread to the Forum, so that I can refer to it with a stable URL in the issues.

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