Can I use Camunda to build a low-code workflow engine?

I wanted to explore if I can have my internal tooling team to build a low-code / no-code system for our internal business user self-service.

Here is my use case: an internal billing and accounting system that each team can configure their rule.

The low code (no code) programming side:

  • User: non technical business managers
  • Interface: a workflow engine canvas that the users can drag and drop the rules / steps of how a bill should be processed;

The processing side:

  • when a json object, well defined schema, comes into the system through a connector, the system can process the json step by step, following the rules / step that the user has defined.

For example, here is one concrete workflow that a business manager will need to achieve:

  1. a json comes into the CAMUNDA system from the Shopify connection;
  2. the business manager define a workflow as the following:
    • if the order is less than $1000, give a flat discount of 3% and send it to the revenue account system;
    • if the order is greater than $1000, go to a step called “Lookup Special Offer” ;
      - if the order falls into “Today’s special” items, apply the special rate and then send it to the revenue account system;
      - if the order falls into “Partner Network Items”, apply the “Partner Defined Rate” special rate and send it to the revenue account system

My vision is that our developers can define the necessary business nodes for the internal users (non-technical) to use, and my goal is that the internal users (non-technical) can define different business logic in a no-code / low-code manner.

I read Camunda's Vision for Low-Code | Camunda and Pro-code, Low-code, and the Role of Camunda | Camunda, is my vision possible? If there is anyone successfully built that before, love to get your help (with paid manner if you’d like to)

This would be easily achievable by modeling what you want in BPMN or DMN and then using Camunda to automate that.