Can two tenants share same processdefinition without tenant identifier where process-instance is tenant specific with tenant identifier?

I have two tenants called tenantOne and tenantTwo. Process definition is same for both tenant but not process instances. So if I deploy the .bpmn file without tenant identifier and will i able to process the process-instance request with tenant identifier? Will it be possible?

Scenario is :

  • ProcessDefinition without tenantIdentifier
  • ProcessInstance, Tasks, and Jobs with tenantIdentifier

Is it mandatory to associate tenantIdentifier with process-definition, if we want to proceed with tenantIdentifier for ProcessInstance, Tasks, and Jobs?

Hi @aravindhrs,

this chapter of the docs may help you:

Cheers, Ingo

Im using camunda-spring-boot-starter-rest , so i can’t provide custom implementation of TenantIDProvider interface. Everything from camunda accessed through rest api. In this case how to achieve multi tenancy for shared definitions without providing implementation of TenantIDProvider?

Hi @aravindhrs,

in spring-boot you can use a @Component annotation to change the process engine configuration:

I havn’t tried it with a tenantIdProvider but with a parse listener. It should be the same pattern.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Changing process engine configuration will not result in cretaion of new process engine right? i meant is it possible to modify default process engine?

Yes, you can modify the configuration of the default process engine. Have a look at this chapter about the background:

I had a similar use case and created a simple example about what @Ingo_Richtsmeier suggested.

Maybe this helps anyone!