Can we invoke camunda bpm process synchronously?

We are using ibm bpm where there are lot of integration services which can be invoked synchronously. I am checking I can use camunda bpm to replace our ibm bpm which is a heavy weight and expensive. Only show stopper for me is I need to invoke the bpm process synchronously as there are no human interactions in our model. Please let me know if we can achieve this in camunda bpm I had evaluated all other bpm tools all of them are asynchronous in nature

@munimanjunath camunda supports synchronous execution and also camunda engine is a lightweight engine. While designing bpmn model you can ignore configuring the tasks as been executed as async process, so it will execute it in synchronous process. However if you have timer events in event subprocess which need to be executed later on time, then those events are executed by camunda job executor as async process.

You can refer this docs for more understanding:

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@aravindhrs is there any quickstart examples which I can readily deploy and test similar to jboss where there are set of quickstart examples which gives little insight of the tool ? please let me know. I had executed a flow retail with kafta using camunda bpm example which is really good one for me to start but need more examples to understand the different scenarios. Thank you for the earlier response

you can refer this github repo for camunda examples

the GitHub link is broken, if there is another repo that works which has good examples of synchronous rest workflow process calls that would be great

Hi @Tony_G,

You can still access the Githu repository, merely the Jboss example does not exist anymore. However, there are many other examples:

I don’t know which ones use synchronous REST.