Can we use Camunda optimize with non-enterprise bpm platform?

I am wondering if we can use setup optimize for a non-enterprise bpm Platform. If Yes, Do we get the same stats in optimize as we get for the enterprise BPM platform?

Hi @Techie ,

Optimize is only available for enterprise customers, but you can sign up for a 30-day trial license to try it out here for Camunda 8 or here for Camunda 7.

Optimize is only available for enterprise customers

Does this statement hold true right now too? I am confused looking at the deployment file for the camunda platform. This docker-compose file includes a flag named ‘CAMUNDA_OPTIMIZE_ENTERPRISE=false’ that indicates that optimize application could be deployed with possibly limited capabilities in the free version.

Is that true @Helene ?

Hi @jgeek1 ,
The statement is still true, Optimize is only available for enterprise customers and for those who have signed up for the 30-day trial. The trial version has the same capabilities as the full version but you will be limited to 30 days. The flag CAMUNDA_OPTIMIZE_ENTERPRISE should be false for those with a trial license and true for those with an enterprise license (note that this does not affect your license, it just displays a notice in the UI for users that Optimize is not intended for production use if its running on a trial license).

I got a different understanding after going through this link - It states

Operate, Tasklist, Identity, and Optimize are licensed to our users and customers under a proprietary license. The proprietary license can be either the Camunda Platform Self-Managed Free Edition license or the Camunda Platform Self-Managed Enterprise Edition license (a copy you obtain when you contact Camunda). Note that while the Camunda Platform Self-Managed Free Edition is indeed free, it only allows usage of the software in non-production environments.

From here I understand that Optimize could be installed in self-managed environments. It could be used for dev and testing deployments. For production we would need to purchase the enterprise license like is the case for Operate. Do we need to register and get a free trial for this?


Hi @jgeek1,
yes you can trial Optimize for non production usage in self managed as well, but you will need an enterprise license to use it in production. You can do so by registering via this page.