Can we use Camunda Platform 8 for free in Production system?

It is possible to run Camunda 7 workflow engine for free and without having an enterprise license. Is that similar for Camunda 8 too?

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Yes to both.

Although Camunda 8 has some additional caveats - specifically you cannot sell access to Camunda 8 as a service.
Some of the web applications used with Camunda 8 cannot be used in production without a license.
But you can use the core components like Zeebe

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Here are some more details if you are interested: Zeebe License Overview and FAQ - Camunda. Rule of thumb is: The core workflow engine and the modeler is “for free”, while the advanced tooling (e.g. Operate, Optimize) is free to use during development, but requires a license for production.


But what about cockpit and task list. We are a small entity using Camunda engine for our in-house industrial system. Most of our workflows are started automatically and don’t require user interactions The few ones requiring some inputs are started by our UI application. Cockpit and task list in this context are only used as debug/monitoring tools. With Camunda 8, since operate and task list are restricted to non-production environment : does it means that I cannot use on our production environment and monitor/kill, for example, a running process instance ? → use the API only

Exactly! (Just that Cockpit is now named Operate - and it is always a debug/monitoring tool;-) ): You could either monitor via API or discuss a license (might be much less painful than you might think it is). If SaaS is an option for you, this is obsolete anyway - as then everything is always included.

Thanks for the clarification…
I’ve tried SaaS last December during our Hackathon: I need more time to plan a migration of our workflows. A good point, as you described in your blog, is to 1st move to a remote Camunda 7 engine. But the drawback are the different client libraries… So maybe to jump directly to Zeebe.
Anyhow this must be done with the migration of our micro-services to Amazon Fargate ECS… some work in the pipe!

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I would migrate directly from C7 embedded to Zeebe, otherwise, you just have two migrations on your plate…
In any way - this is not urgent, as we are still actively developing Camunda 7 for at least 5 years…

You could either monitor via API or discuss a license (might be much less painful than you might think it is)

Hi, just to get it clearly: does that mean, using tasklist or operate API is okay for production usage, and only web-frontend requires a paid-license?