Can you help me debug why my Conditional Boundary Event doesn't work?


I have a diagram that I attached here. Can someone tell me why Task C’s boundary conditional event isn’t triggered? As you can see in diagram, the intermediate event between Task A and Task B works fine, but this one with literally the same expression doesn’t. Any help with this?

P.S. When I started a process, I sent variable named flag, type boolean, value true using Tasklist.
diagram_2.bpmn (6.9 KB)

What is it that you’re expecting to happen and what exactly is happening when you run it?

I just described it all :slight_smile:

Can you open the diagram first? I want to know why my conditional boundary event isn’t triggered when token reaches TASK C?

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@stefanpg in your diagram you are using a non-interrupting conditinal boundary event, which means that when the process reaches C it stays on C but also goes to TASK E.

However, in your case Task E is not a user task, it’s a blank task so the process is finishing instantly from that path, rendering it invisible to you.

If you want it to go to task E without staying on C, you should use the interrupting conditional boundary event, if you want it to remain on C and also stop on E please set task E as a user task,or anything else that might halt the process.

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Thanks @maroun_ayle ! Ohh, yes I never actually spotted that I didn’t make TASK E as User Task. Everything is clear now! :slight_smile: