Can you make the connection between uipath and camunda through rpa bridge?

please dear colleguis, i cant up camunda rpa bridge , i have this message in cmd
2021-01-12 15:49:36.281 DEBUG 948 — [ main] o.c.bpm.rpa.bridge.rpa.RequestHandler : Received the following response payload for request {“error”:“access_denied”,“error_description”:“Unauthorized”}

Hey @Aldo_Ernesto_Salazar,

The part of the log that you highlighted tells you quite a lot already. In UiPath you can organize your bots in folders. If you want to access a bot in a folder you need to configure this folder in the RPA bridge as well. If you did not put the bot in a folder it will be in the Default folder. In this case, you don’t have to configure it in the RPA bridge.

Please double-check your folders.

Also, I noted, that you configured an organization unit id. I might be wrong, but I think it was a different one than the one we can see in the logs here. (530375 vs 921952). Please also check this configuration. You may also try not to configure an organization unit id.

I hope this helps you.

thanks a lot,it was necessary change the organization unit id

i make a video when i explain how to do that:

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