Cancel instance from event sub process with message


Is it possible to cancel an instance (started by a message start event) from an event sub process?

I can model and deploy it, but if I want to start an instance with the message start event (not from the sub process) no instance is created.

Simple Monitor says the message is correlated

but no instance was created

If I replace the message event from the subprocess with a timer, it works (for this case) as expected.

Is this a limitation? Is there another possibility to cancel an instance with a message?

Tried with a parallel gateway, but obviously does not work as it waits for both to finish.

Use Case:
Multiple Message Start Events come in and will be buffered. This orchestrator workflow calls other workflows based on variables one by a time. I want to cancel the orchestrator workflow (and the called instances) from another backend component, based on a unique id set on message start.

I tested some more cases which would probably solve my use case. The first one feels a bit hacky, but works. The second one is probably the one I will go for.

Although it feels like the process in the first post is a bug or at least I require more clarification why this does/should not work.


@thomasb thank you for raising this up!

This case is a known limitation at the moment. Please have a look at the issue:

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did not find this issue :slight_smile:

thanks philipp.

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