Cancel/terminate a human task via REST


is there any way to cancel/terminate a human task via the REST-API? And if not, is there any way to even programmatically do that?

The use case is the following: Camunda human tasks get transferred to another system. If a camunda task is cancelled/terminated the external system will be notified and the corresponding task in the external system will also be cancelled/terminated.

Now we also want to mirror a possible cancel/terminate action from the external system to camunda. For all other actions like complete/claim/cancel claim we used the REST-API so far, but I couldn’t find an option for cancelling/terminating a task.

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@dirkw65 Adding boundary events (interrupting) to the user task can solve this.

Updating the task variable:

Once timer lapses will trigger the event:

Correlate a message with message name:

@aravindhrs Thanks, but is this possible via REST?

Check the above example (updated)

@aravindhrs thanks so far. So these are 3 different options to get a task to cancel, with the first and last via REST, correct?

Would it e possible for you to post an example put request body that actually creates such a boundary event/task variable?

Especially the boundary event part is confusing to me. Considering it is a normal user task with no configured boundary event, is it really possible to add such a boundary event for an already modeled process with a task variable?

@aravindhrs i made this picture to maybe make it clearer what we actually want to do: