Candidate user My Group Tasks

I have a simple start – user task – finish diagram and set the candidate user of user task to: Peter Meter, peter, “peter”, … and candidate group to: manager, … and all possible combination.

Also join peter in camunda-admin group for access all auth and set Criteria filter of peter My Group Tasks like: candidate user: ${current user ()}, Peter and so on.

But none of them work and after deploy and start process and log in with peter, task is not in peter My Group Tasks. (it’s just in All tasks).

Hi @iamliji,

Could you please share your process definition…

hi @hassang and thanks for reply.
utd.bpmn (2.1 KB)

Hi @iamliji,

User ID value should be used as is.

If multiple users to be assigned to candidateUsers then use comma as separator.

If dynamic assignment is required then you can use expression which gets evaluated to either User ID or multiple User IDs with comma as separator

hi @hassang and thanks.
I get the user profile:
“id”: “peter”,
“firstName”: “Peter”,
“lastName”: “Meter”,
“email”: “

but by set the candidate user to user id = peter , it still not working.
utd2.bpmn (2.1 KB)

Hi @iamliji,

Could you please share snips of both filter’s criteria and filter’s permissions views.

hi @hassang


also i try filter’s criteria by: ${current user ()} and ‘peter’

Hi @iamliji,

I see Peter with capital letter in the Authorizations view.

Could you please make sure that the correct User ID is always used.

And use the expression ${ currentUser () } for the criteria

thanks @hassang
yes, that’s it, I correct it just few seconds before reply and it works after Re-deploy the process.
also I wonder why camunda-admin auth not working for it.