Cannot correlate message No process definition matches the parameters: pool/ participents


Im trying to achieve the message communication in-between two panes. I tried all possible correlate api’s and I still could not make it. Appreciate your input.

pool_pane_test.bpmn (7.7 KB)

The problem is in “Place Order” task, as shown in the bpmn file.
Place Order:- Im using a JavaDelegate class with following code.

order_request” is the message name I have set in “Order received” message start event. Im getting following error.

Cannot instantiate process definition pool_pane_test_1:9:986804ac-8835-11eb-a8f4-c6b612b0ba98: Cannot correlate message 'order_request': No process definition matches the parameters

What am I doing wrong here?

Hi @shamran,

Please make sure that both pools are set as executable models.

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Hi Shamran,

In your model, you have two process definitions. The first is set to executable, however the second is not and thus is not deployed to the engine. All you have to do is select the second process and in the modeler properties panel, set the executable checkbox…



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This saved my time. Thanks a lot!! @hassang and @Webcyberrob