Cannot create process instance after moving to camunda-cloud lib

Hello everybody,
I usually bootstrap the Zeebe client and then I create a process instance of a deployed modeled process, like this:

  BrokerAddr := os.Getenv("ZEEBE_BROKER_ADDRESS")
   zbClient, err := zbc.NewClient(&zbc.ClientConfig{
    GatewayAddress:         BrokerAddr,
    UsePlaintextConnection: true,
    KeepAlive:              1 * time.Second,

if err != nil {

request, err :=zbClient.NewCreateInstanceCommand().BPMNProcessId(triggerDataConfig.ProcessID).LatestVersion().VariablesFromObject(variables)
if err != nil {
   result, err := zeebeRequest.Send(context.Background())

I used this library:
but then when I switched to the new one I got this error when I try to send the request zeebeRequest.Send(context.Background())

rpc error: code = Unimplemented desc = Method not found: gateway_protocol.Gateway/CreateProcessInstance

any idea?
thanks a lot

Hi @AdoTedo,

The new one will only work against Zeebe 1.0 and later. What version is your broker?


Answered here

thanks, once updated, everything worked as usual

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