Cannot deserialize object in variable 'test1': SPIN/JACKSON-JSON-01007 Cannot construct java type from string 'java.util.ArrayList<groovy.sql.GroovyRowResult<java.lang.Object,java.lang.Object>>'

Hi .It seems my question to be duplicate but I couldn’t infer the answer.
I had read an array of object by inline groovy script and sat my variable like this :

import groovy.sql.Sql
import java.util.logging.Logger;
import org.camunda.bpm.engine.variable.Variables;
import org.camunda.bpm.engine.variable.value.ObjectValue;
 Logger LOGGER = Logger.getLogger("personnel");

    def dbPwkaraURL="jdbc:sqlserver://;databaseName=CamundaPersonel"
    def dbPwkaraUser="sa"
    def dbPwkaraPass="abc405060!"
    def dbDriver=""
    def db = Sql.newInstance(dbPwkaraURL,dbPwkaraUser,dbPwkaraPass,dbDriver)
    //def rows = db.rows('select family,secNo from personnel where perId='+"$perID")
    def rows = db.rows('select * from personnel');
    ObjectValue serializedList = Variables.objectValue(rows)
    execution.setVariable("test1", serializedList);

After that I need to retrieve the “test1” variable and apply some operations . on


command I face this error message :

 Caused by: org.camunda.spin.json.SpinJsonDataFormatException: SPIN/JACKSON-JSON-01007 Cannot construct java type from string 'java.util.ArrayList<groovy.sql.GroovyRowResult<java.lang.Object,java.lang.Object>>'
        at org.camunda.spin.impl.json.jackson.JacksonJsonLogger.unableToConstructJavaType(
        at org.camunda.spin.impl.json.jackson.format.JacksonJsonDataFormat.constructJavaTypeFromCanonicalString(
        at org.camunda.spin.impl.json.jackson.format.JacksonJsonDataFormatMapper.mapInternalToJava(
        at org.camunda.spin.plugin.impl.SpinObjectValueSerializer.deserializeFromByteArray(
        at org.camunda.bpm.engine.impl.variable.serializer.AbstractObjectValueSerializer.deserializeFromByteArray(
        at org.camunda.bpm.engine.impl.variable.serializer.AbstractSerializableValueSerializer.readValue(
        ... 228 more
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot create TypeBindings for class groovy.sql.GroovyRowResult with 2 type parameters: class expects 0
        at org.camunda.spin.impl.json.jackson.format.JacksonJsonDataFormat.constructJavaTypeFromCanonicalString(
        ... 232 more
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You have set the serialization format to SerializationDataFormats.JSON, but rows is not actually serialized. To serialize the rows try like this:

import groovy.json.JsonOutput

//other implementations

def rows = db.rows('select * from personnel');
String serializedRows = JsonOutput.toJson(rows);
ObjectValue serializedList = Variables.objectValue(serializedRows)
execution.setVariable("test1", serializedList);

Hi @aravindhrs thanks for your attention.
I must say I have no problem in serialization. actually the error occurs in deserialization .
Any way I’ve added your code in setting variable but now its throwing new exception

> Unable to evaluate script while executing activity 'FillForm' in the process definition with id 'WH_Sample:9:eb480054-9b4e-11ea-bea6-003048b2ff0b': java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: begin 1, end 2, length 1

@Ali_Titan if you are using that variable, then it should be deserialized and assign it to the variable before use.

After serialization how does the data looks like?

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@aravindhrs let me describe it from the beginning
In the process start script. I fetch some data as an array and serialize the table data to JSON format like you see with no problem . then I will need this data in the next user task which I should show this data to user so I set table data (table data) as test1 variable. in the task form I have it as json object in javascript and no problem.But in the next task which I want to access this ‘test1’ variable the deserialization error occurs .
You said that I must serialize the rows first but I don’t think so or may be didn’t understand you.
Variable status in cockpit


my bpmn file :
WareHouseSample (1).bpmn (7.5 KB)

@Ali_Titan, you’re directly storing the db resultSet object. This is not correct approach I believe. This will lead to deserialization issues. Populate the values in pojo and serialize the pojo to persist. For deserialization make sure that same pojo exists in camunda server classpath.

Hi again
I’ve switched from groovy script to Java class . I use a POJO class to persist as you said .
but then again I have deserialization error. you’ve mentioned than to be sure same POJO must be existed in camunda server classpath. I didn’t get that to what to do.
error shows up in cockpit :
Cannot deserialize object in variable 'test1': SPIN/JACKSON-JSON-01007 Cannot construct java type from string 'java.util.LinkedList<com.camunda.demo.test.PersonnelModel>'

@Ali_Titan For deserialization, you should have the below class in camunda classpath.



ObjectValue typedObjectValue = Variables

Access serialized properties:

// returns true
boolean isDeserialized = retrievedTypedObjectValue.isDeserialized();

// returns the format used by the engine to serialize the value into the database
String serializationDataFormat = retrievedTypedObjectValue.getSerializationDateFormat();

// returns the serialized representation of the variable; the actual value depends on the serialization format used
String serializedValue = retrievedTypedObjectValue.getValueSerialized();

// returns the class com.example.Order
Class<com.example.Order> valueClass = retrievedTypedObjectValue.getObjectType();

// returns the String "com.example.Order"
String valueClassName = retrievedTypedObjectValue.getObjectTypeName();


String serializedOrder = "...";
ObjectValue serializedValue =

runtimeService.setVariableLocal(execution.getId(), "order", serializedValue);

ObjectValue retrievedTypedObjectValue = runtimeService.getVariableTyped(execution.getId(), "order");
com.example.Order retrievedOrder = (com.example.Order) retrievedTypedObjectValue.getValue();

Read about Serializing Process Variables

Custom Java objects can be serialized with the value type object:

Object Value Serialization: