Cannot find serializer for value

I am getting the following exception while trying simple code from docs.
Cannot find serializer for value ‘ObjectValue [value={001=Notebook, 002=Server, 003=Workstation}, isDeserialized=true, serializationDataFormat=application/json, objectTypeName=null, serializedValue=null, isTransient=false]’

here is the code snippet:

Map<String, String> productTypes = new HashMap<String, String>();
productTypes.put(“001”, “Notebook”);
productTypes.put(“002”, “Server”);
productTypes.put(“003”, “Workstation”);


pom.xml (2.9 KB)

Attached pom as well
I am new to This,please someone can help

Hey @rahulnanda24 ,

looks like Spin is not properly initialized. Have a look at Configuring Spin Integration | to see what you need to add to your pom.xml.

From a first look, I think you might be missing the spin-core artifact.
You can also go along with the Spin Engine Plugin and Dataformats All artifacts where this is all packaged for you (but also slightly larger of course and including XML, which you might not need).


thank you for the solution. I have fixed dependency issues and it’s working