Cannot load class <package.my_delegate_class>

Can someone please tell me a fix for this problem.

It happens from time to time and then fixes on its own.
I can see the .class files in the Meta-INF folder, so the classes are there for sure.

Why when i start the process from “Start Process” in tasklist do i get this error?

below is the sample error i am getting:

Cannot instantiate process definition Process_1525247306750:1:50dfbb45-5387-11e8-b09b-ace2d3a04152: ENGINE-09008 Exception while instantiating class 'com.delegates.ListenerDelegate': ENGINE-09017 Cannot load class 'com.delegates.ListenerDelegate': com.delegates.ListenerDelegate

Work flows without any service tasks (and delegates) work fine.

Here’s what I have tried:

  1. Deploying my war file in a fresh new instance of Camunda. Doesn’t work.
  2. Deleting all .bpmns from my /processes folder. and then deploying on the fly from UI. Doesn’t work.


Hi @Urvashi_Prasad
can you share your bpmn files + java classes or maybe even the whole project?
This would help to investigate.