Cannot login in Camunda


I downloaded the Pre-packaged Wildfly 7.8 distribution, I ran the start.bat file and I cannot log-in with demo/demo credentials.
I get an error “Login Failed: Wrong credentials or missing access rights to application” and the following screen:

Shouldn’t it be ready for log-in?


Hi Kontrag,

This means that you need to setup admin user so something went wrong with the invoice application.
Do you receive any exceptions during the start up of the server. Could you please share the log.

Best regards,

Hi Yana,

Thanks for the hint. I had deleted the camunda-invoice.war from the deployments folder of the distribution and that caused the issue. I restored it back and now I can log-in successfully! (I can now delete again the invoice.war file and next time log-in with no error. Apparently, the first time the engine starts, this .war file is needed for some user’s configuration).


Hi Kostas,

It is correct during the deployment of invoice example the demo user is created.
If you don’t need the example, you can simple not deploy it and create the demo user by your own.
Invoice example is deploying 2 versions of invoice process and creating some users and data which is for getting started and playing around for the beginner users.

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