Cannot retrieve diagram to display

I am trying to retrieve the process image to diaplay in my browser using the URL

getting a 204 no content.
All my processes can be viewed in the cockpit.

Hi @shkrish,

according to the documentation of this REST endpoint you will get a 204 if the process definition does not have an associated diagram.
You need to explicitly deploy that image. It has to have the same name as your bpmn file.
Maybe you will find this thread helpful: Set Diagram Image

Hope this helps!

How do I deploy the diagram also ? I have deployed the bpmn using the modeller.

Hi @shkrish,

you can export an image in the modeler an place it in the same deployment.

Or you can get the XML from the engine ( and render it with

Hope this helps, Ingo

You mean place the exported image in the /resources folder in my springboot app ?

Hi @shkrish, yes

still getting a 204

Not sure why it is such a rocket science to deploy an image of the diagram (.png file)from the modeler. This is a basic ask especially, if I want to use Angular or some other tool to show processes and Tasks to our BPM users inside our own angular App.
Still cannot deploy the diagram and hence cannot access it.

Hi @shkrish,

double checked it on my computer and it works for me.

I just saved the .png file with the same name as the process (see in src/main/resources and restarted my spring boot application.

This is a snippet from the console output:

2019-06-13 20:53:12.764  INFO 10892 --- [           main] org.camunda.bpm.container                : ENGINE-08023 Deployment summary for process archive 'twitter-qa': 


Hope this helps, Ingo

let me try it again. Many thanks for your followup.

I do not know how to use the camunda-commons-ui widgets. I have gone through all explanations. It is still not clear how to use it. I am using angular. Can you show me the actual commands to run ?
Just show me exactly what I need to do to use the bpmn diagram widget.
Many thanks.

Hi @shkrish,

did you found this page as well:

My UI-skills are very limited, I can’t get all of the options. But the example at the end of the page should give you a hint.

Please be aware that the widgets are build on Angular-JS and not on Angular.

Hope this helps, Ingo

In my case i need to list all the users tasks names related to the Bpmn service diagram
not for the active tasks or ended tasks - but to list all the tasks names so we can explain for the current loged in user to see what his responsibilities on this service based on his candidate group

so i did use this API - > {{camunda-url_server}}/process-definition/key/slum_deed_services/xml

then parse the XMl to C# object