Cannot see token moving through process

I’m following the following tutorial:

I managed to deploy the “SimpleDemo” maven project ( copying SimpleDemo.war into \Camunda\server\apache-tomcat-9.0.19\webapps) and I can see it in the cockpit.

The only issue is that I cannot see the final tokens when processes are finished. However I can see that the tomcat console printed what was defined in the LoggerDelegate Class.

Hi Chris,
I believe that is a feature of the Enterprise Edition of Cockpit. The data is being captured and is available but in the Community Edition that visualization is not available.


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If you look closely at about the 14 minute mark you’ll see it is the Enterprise Edition that is being started. Look for the ‘ee’ in the file names.


Hi @ChrisB ,
That tutorial does indeed use the EE version, in which the Histroy view in cockpit is available. The history is being stored and can be accessed using the REST API.
You can take a look at the docs for more details on how to get that info.

Thanks for your reply @Niall and @Beagler! it’s clearer now :slight_smile: