Cannot start a new process with "Message Start Event"

Hello there! I have a simplest process like this:

And I would like to start a different process by the end of first, like this:

But the engine cannot deploy it with exception:

16:08:59.161 [restartedMain] ERROR org.camunda.bpm.engine.context - ENGINE-16004 Exception while closing command context: ENGINE-01011 Cannot deploy process definition ‘testStartEventMessage.bpmn’: there already is a message event subscription for the message with name ‘TEST_RECEIVED_MESSAGE’.

Let me know what do I do wrong?

For start events what use messages the name of the message must be unique across the process engine otherwise when the message is sent it wouldn’t be clear which process should be started.
By the looks of that error message you’ve already got a process deployed with that same message name.
The end event shouldn’t cause an issue though.

I have this path in my project: “resources -> META-INF -> processes.xml (empty file)”. As far as I know this path is the reason for always re-deploy all the bpmn in “resource” folder when I’m restarting my microservice.

I haven’t other processes except described and I thought all the processes must successfully redeploy if the end event doesn’t cause an issue though.

I’ve deleted database and it helped. So the old bpmn was deployed and it was a conflict. How should I edit the bpmn if I cannot deploy because old deploy instance is active?