Cannot view properties in 5.13.0

After deploying camunda modeler on a centos 7 machine, the canvas seems to work as expected, and I can install plugins, for example the simulation plugin. I cannot see the properties panel, and the option to toggle that panel on and off is greyed out (disabled) on the ‘Window’ menu.
I installed by unzipping the modeler archive and ran camunda-modeler from the destination. Did I miss an installation step?

Hello my friend! Welcome to community!

don’t think there is a secret friend…In other words, your installation is probably correct… If you were able to open the modeler, you should be able to open the menu too.

Can’t you see the menu on the right even if you click on “Window > Toggle properties panel”?
Or by clicking Ctrl + P ?

The correct thing would be for you to click here, and it will appear… but also try to do the previous steps I mentioned above.

William Robert Alves

Check if you’re not having problems related to administrator permissions or something like that… or if you don’t have any plugins installed that could be causing a conflict.

If you install the modeler without using any plugin, does it work normally?

Try installing version 5.12 and check if the behavior is the same.

@WilliamR.Alves I found it tricky for the first time but now I think it is a good way to collapse it by default.

I have different issue… cannot see all options in those properties. for example cannot set a condition for “conditional start event”. there is no field for it.

and also I don’t have tabs in this properties panel like it was shown here

Hello my friend!

Regarding the tabs, you won’t have them, as they were from an older version of Camunda Modeler, the newer versions are all in the same tab, just scrolling with the scroll.

Regarding the conditional event, I believe that Camunda 8 does not yet have support for this event… If you click on the conditional event, and look at the “problems” tab below, you will see the print message.


I hope this helps!

William Robert Alves

ok! I understand now :slight_smile: thank you @WilliamR.Alves !

are you going to support this event in the future?

I don’t know how I could have missed your solution for lat 5 years. Camunda Rulezzz!

hahahaha I’m happy to be able to help my friend! :grin:

Camunda does intend to support the conditional event, it is on their roadmap, but there are some other priorities being addressed along the way.

But I believe that soon we should have our beloved event being used in Camunda 8. :pray: :rocket:

William Robert Alves

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