Can't complete BPMN Participants tutorial

Hi, there’s no completion mark at the end of BPMN Participants tutorial ( Thanks!

Hi @abejenaru, welcome to the forums! Thanks for the feedback, I’ve sent it to the team who handles this and they are looking into it!

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Hi @abejenaru,

I have just updated the status of the course to “Completed” so you should now be able to see the certificate. We are looking into the issue now and will ensure that is corrected for future learners.



Hi, thank you for your quick intervention. Really appreciate all the learning resources, it’s a great contribution to the community !


Hi Darren,
have the same issue with my course :frowning:
Would you be so kind to check and set the status to “complete” as well?
Many thanks in advance.

Hi Christian, this has now been updated.

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many thanks for your support. Have good start in the new year.