Can't complete the 'DMN - Overview' course in 'Camunda 8 - Developer'

Completed all others. Did all I could, I hope, to complete this also:

  • watched all courses, answered all questions
  • stated the modeler
  • modelled the tasks DMN / DRD
  • Tried many combinations of file names in the modeller (car-insurance, Car Insurance, Car insurance, Car-Insurance, etc.)

Nothing worked. Any ideas? Thanks.

Hi @alindnbrg - sometimes this happens and our Education Team can review your account and manually correct it. Is the email address you used for Academy the same one you signed up for the forum with?

thank you for your response — yes, I used the same email address for the login into Camunda SaaS and Camunda Academy (and Forum).

Great, thanks @alindnbrg! I’ll share this with our education team and have them correct the course completion for you.

Hi @alindnbrg - the Education Team has corrected your course completion details. Let me know if you have further issues!

Hi @nathan.loding,
i am also facing same issue and completed ‘DMN-Overview’ course multiple time, Please help on this soon.
my email -

Can i have any email address on this please

Hi @Vzy, I marked your progress as Completed for the DMN-Overview course.

The fastest way to get support for any Camunda Academy courses or Academy related questions would be to send us an email to

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