Can't evaluate dmn tables by camund form data velues

I want to make process in which user will choose her/his desired process and then check if he or she want to start real process or test process.By default process isn’t test in my dmn tables i use four rule,here it is:

but when i try to choose buy process and check the test process ( in order to start test buying process) the processType doesn’t changes , here is my form code:

choose subProcess1
Do you want test Process?

and here is my delegate code which i use as Business rule task’s execute listener:
String subProcess1;
Boolean isTestprocessType;
VariableMap variables;

	public void execute(DelegateExecution execution) throws Exception {
		// TODO Auto-generated method stub
		subProcess1 = (String) execution.getVariable("subProcess1");
		isTestprocessType = (Boolean) execution.getVariable("test");

	public void evaluateDecisionTable(ProcessEngine processEngine) {
		DecisionService decisionService = processEngine.getDecisionService();
		variables = Variables.createVariables().putValue("subProcess1", subProcess1).putValue("test",

		DmnDecisionTableResult dishDecisionResult = decisionService.evaluateDecisionTableByKey("ProcessTable",
		String desiredDish = dishDecisionResult.getSingleEntry();

		System.out.println("Desired Process: " + desiredDish);

//		DmnDecisionTableResult beveragesDecisionResult = decisionService.evaluateDecisionTableByKey("beverages",
//				variables);
//		List<Object> beverages = beveragesDecisionResult.collectEntries("beverages");
//		System.out.println("Desired beverages: " + beverages);


what should i change to get response like this testBuying when the user chooses Buying process and then check test process?