Can't find scripting engine for 'javascript': scriptEngine is null

Hi Team,

I have a very simple BPM workflow having inline javascript for Execution Listener. Although while starting a process it shows error
The process could not be started. : Cannot instantiate process definition multiInstanceDemo:1:a27d4788-e7dd-11eb-b4b6-00090ffe0001: Can’t find scripting engine for ‘javascript’: scriptEngine is null

I’m attaching BPMN diagram and log. Request some heads up on this matter.

Thank you in advance.

multi_instance_demo.bpmn (4.3 KB) camunda.log (15.4 KB)

@Bhavesh_G which version of camunda platform are you using? If you’re using JDK15, then consider downgrading JDK versions.

Check this post: Connector example NullValueException: Can't find scripting engine for 'javascript' - #2 by Niall

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Hi @Bhavesh_G ,

as Nashorn was deprecated and removed in JDK15 as @aravindhrs mentioned, we have introduced GraalVM JS in our distro in 7.16.0-alpha3 to line up with JDK15.

So, if you can wait until 7.16.0 Release to upgrade to JDK15, this could be your way of developing the platform.

Hope this helps


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Thank you @jonathan.lukas and @aravindhrs. I think it will be good decision to wait for 7.16.0 to upgrade to JDK 15

Hi @Bhavesh_G

As was already mentioned by @jonathan.lukas you can actually test it out right now before waiting for the 7.16 release in October.
The Alpha3 release is available, but maybe not for production.

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Thank you @Niall

Hi @Niall

This java script engine is disabled in JDK 15.

Is it officially tested on version lower than 15 and more than 8?

What is the decision for JDK 15+ versions ?


Currently up to Camunda 7.15 you much use a java version before 15. 11 is recomended as it has long term support.

See my other comment for the future.