Can't send mail from azure container

so i followed This guild to host camunda bpm on the internet rather than locally but the model I’m using uses the camunda-bpm-mail-core-1.3.0 connector and when I attempt to run the model in bpm I get cannot find connector error, so I was wondering if there is a way to do this with azure or if there is a diffrent service or way i can do this without having to run it locally

Hello @Robert_Shaw ,

as camunda-bpm-mail is a community extension, it is not shipped with the default container.

Did you create your own image to use with Azure? Or did you mount the jar in the userlib folder inside the container?


I’m using the image they told me to use in the tutorial, and i didnt mount it…i just dont know how to put it in the image or mount it like you mentioned

I see.

Rob is running a default camunda container that has no mail connector installed.

Consider creating your own image using a dockerfile which extends the used image and adds this dependency to the userlib folder inside: