Can't send non-english text via camunda

I have JsonObject which i should serialize and send it’s data to certain user by( Java mail api) the jons item values contain non-english symbols and when i send mail to certain user he or she gets this text:
á?¨á??á??á?¡á?¬á??á? á??á?? á?¨á??á??á??á??á??á?? á??á??á??á??á?ªá?®á??á??á??á??á??
á??á??á??á?£á??á??á??á?¢á?¡á?? á?¡á??á??á??á??á??á?¢á??á??á??á??á??á?ªá??á?? á??á??á??á??:0

á??á??á??á?£á??á??á??á?¢á??á?¡ á??á??á??á?¢á??á??á?¢á??:á?¡á??á??á??á??á??á?¢á??á?¤á??á??á??á?ªá??á?? á??á??á??á??:0 á??á? á??á??á??á??á??á??á??á?ªá??á??á?¡ á?¡á??á?®á??á??á??:null á??á??á??á??á??á?¢á??á? á??:null
i have added function to encode string with utf-8 in my java delegate code, here it is :slight_smile:
public static String convertToUTF8(String s) {
String out = null;
try {
out = new String(s.getBytes(“UTF-8”), “ISO-8859-1”);
} catch ( e) {
return null;
return out;
i have also changed text encoding into my eclipse-properties-workspace but nothing is helpful, what should i change to be able to send normal text via message?
@kristin you are always helpfull to me, do you have any idea about it?

Hi @Sally,

I guess you are using the mail connector, right? At some point, the mail connector (or an underlying library) converts the String to a byte array or input stream. Only at that point is the encoding relevant. So you could try to debug the code up to that point and see how the String is converted.

The code you posted does not really help, it may even make things worse. It converts a String into another String, but the encodings you use during conversion are irrelevant to Java’s internal String representation. I recommend you read up a little bit on how Strings in Java work.