Capture where I am in a process after I trigger a process in a REST API

Hi All,

I am stuck with the following problem.

I have and API endpoin that want to do the following

  • Launch a new ProcessInstance that will trigger the exection of our workflow
  • Wait until a certain step (eg validation) is completed, the result can be OK, NOK or Maybe
    Depending on the result of the step I want to give immediate feedback to the caller
  • OK: Process continues as the request has been accepted (modelled with a condition)
  • NOK: Process stops as the request will be rejected (modelled with a condition)
  • Maybe: Basically here I want to capture the result of the exection and give it back in the result of my API call.

I have been looking at different things but I cannot figure out how I can listen to the processEngine for this specific ProcessInstance and capture the result.

Thanks for any help

Can you show your process mode?
Also understanding exactly what is happening as things currently stand would be useful in explaining your options.