Case definition id has the schematic key:version:uuid. Why?


Why does case definition id has “:” (colon) in its id field? Any particular reason.
Is it possible to have case def ids without “:” ?
We actually use this id to control some UI elements, the colon is causing it to fail on some browsers.

Thanks a lot for any pointers.

Hi Subhro,

The colons are not required for any functionality. You can extend the class CmmnDeployer and override the method #generateDefinitionId as you like. The implementation of the deployer can be exchanged by modifying the list ProcessEngineConfigurationImpl#deployers in a process engine plugin’s #postInit method.

Without knowing the technologies you use, this sounds to me like a problem that should be solved in the frontend though, for example by escaping colons properly.


Thanks Thorben, for showing the light.
We are handling this in the UI logic.