Cawemo 1.6 Local installation - Error during Admin Setup

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to setup Cawemo 1.6 on my local (Without LDAP) by following On-Premise Installation.

I am able to open Admin Setup screen on my local. However, I am getting “User is not authorized” response, when I try to sign-up as admin using my email address.

I have updated .env file according to my local installation and kept docker-compose.yml unchanged.

I can see tables created in both databases (cawemo and cawemo account).

Request anyone to please help in this.
Please let me know if more details are required on this.

Hi @naresh.jangar,

Thanks for raising the issue. In order to better help you in this case, could you please open a customer support ticket and attach your .env file in there? Then we can take a look and assist you in setting up Cawemo.

Best regards,

Hi @volker.gersabeck,

Thank you for the prompt response. I will raise the Support Ticket.