equivalent for ZeeBee

Bit of the context first - I have 15 years of web development experience, recently using a lot of business software like Zoho, Salesforce, Zapier, WordPress, also custom websites running on AWS with PostgreSQL. I have no experience in the Java world at all - neither app container nor the language.

I’m researching BPM solutions and I bumped into Camunda, I fell in love with the Modeler from the very first click and excited to collaborate with my team using

Then when I found ZeeBee I was like - “great, I don’t need to install all these ancient Java things and I can just have Camunda in SaaS mode - easy!”.

Then I realized that the Modeler is a bit different for ZeeBee. This was a frustrating journey to discover that…
I totally missed the part that modeller is different, you mention everywhere that you can just “deploy” the existing diagrams.

So I was going through “5 why?” root causing…
If I would be working for you, the cloud version of Camunda I would start from cloud Modeller itself…
So the question is - why doesn’t support ZeeBee? :slight_smile:
I know you must have good reasons, but just flagging that as feedback from a “newbie” like me…


Hi @mkukawski thanks a lot for your feedback, it is something really valuable. Zeebe has a different modeler because Zeebe is it a younger project and we didn’t want to impact the Camunda BPM community while Zeebe is in active development. Cawemo, Camunda Modeler and the Zeebe Modeler they all rely on BPMN, meaning that modelling experience is quite similar. For Zeebe, right now the BPMN coverage is not as complete as in Camunda BPM, You can find the supported BPMN elements here for Zeebe: As soon as you use the supported symbols, you can use Cawemo for the modelling part and then to add more technical details you will need Zeebe Modeler or editing the file by hand (with something like the BPMN io VS Code extension).

Hope this helps.


We will eventually integrate the cloud modeler, but it’s not there yet.