Cawemo integration with Sparx


We have started our journey on Camunda. Let me start by providing a bit of context on the thought process here.

The organization currently uses Enterprise Architect (Sparx) for doing enterprise architecture modelling , we understand that Sparx provides the capability to model your BPMN and DMN diagrams/flows. We do not want to use Sparx for process modelling and would like to leverage on Cawemo.

We are looking to use Cawemo as our BPMN process modelling tool and repository , however would like to use Enterprise Architect to capture our Level 1 and Level 2 models and then use Cawemo to expand further on to L3, L4 before bringing that back to Camunda model for L5 for the technical implementation.

Now some questions

  1. Is there any mechanism to link/reference the L3/L4 models captured in Cawemo directly from EA without bringing them in to Enterprise Architect repository ? if there’s can you provide some details.
  2. If not what is the best mechanism to achieve this sort of E2E view from L0 to L5 from a single interface ?
  3. Are there any ideas on how other organizations have achieved this balance in using their existing Enterprise Architecture modelling tools alongside specialist process modelling tools such as Cawemo/Camunda