Cawemo Self-Managed

1-) HTTPS (certificate setup?): How can I set up HTTPS for the self-managed version of the Camunda Cawemo application (Cawemo)? What’s the process for configuring SSL certificates? (SSL Certificates Path)

2-) Entering license via UI instead of license file: Is it possible to enter license information through the interface when the Camunda Cawemo application (Cawemo) is running? So, can I leave the license file empty and enter the license from the cawemo interface? As in Camunda Platform

3-) SQL (approach for table creation, handling existing tables, who creates tables, any related config?): What approach does the Camunda Cawemo application (Cawemo) take to create tables in the database? How does it handle existing tables and who is responsible for creating those tables? Is there any configuration regarding this process?

4-) LDAP manager parameter assignable by group?: Can the LDAP manager parameter be assigned by group in the self-managed version of the Camunda Cawemo application (Cawemo)? How can LDAP integration be configured to manage access based on groups?

Thanks in advance for your help!